Product Summary

The NY5W-K is a power relay.


NY5W-K absolute maximum ratings: (1)Arrangement: 1 form A (SPST-NO); (2)Material: Gold overlay silver alloy; (3)Style: Bifurcated; (4)Resistance (initial) Maximum :30 mΩ (at 1 A 6 VDC); (5)Rating (resistive): 3 A 250 VAC or 3 A 30 VDC ; (6)Maximum Switching Power: 750 VA, 90 W; (7)Maximum Switching Voltage: 270 VAC, 125 VDC; (8)Maximum Switching Current: 5 A; (9)Minimum Switching Load: 1mA 5 VDC.


NY5W-K features: (1)Ultra slim type with 5 mm thickness —Good for high density mounting; (2)Low power consumption and high sensitivity: Nominal coil power: 120 mW; Operating power: 54 mW; (3)UL, CSA, VDE recognized ; (4)Conforms to IEC 1010-1 and 1131-2; (5)Wide operating range; (6)SIL pitch terminals; (7)Plastic sealed type; (8)Compatible with solid state I/O module type SN in size and pin (terminal) arrangement; (9)lEnvironmentally friendly cadmium free contact type is available; (10)RoHS compliant since date code: 0439C1.


NY5W-K pin connection