Product Summary

The MRF898 is an NPN silicon RF power transistor. It is designed for 24 V UHF large-signal, common base amplifier applications in industrial and commercial FM equipment operating in the range of 850-960 MHz. It adopts Motorola advanced amplifier concept package. In addition, the silicon nitride is passivated and the circuit board photomaster is available upon request by contacting RF Tactical Marketing in Phoenix, AZ.


MRF898 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Collector–Emitter Voltage, VCEO: 30 Vdc; (2)Collector–Base Voltage, VCBO: 55 Vdc; (3)Emitter–Base Voltage, VEBO: 4.0 Vdc; (4)Collector Current — Continuous, IC: 10 Adc; (5)Total Device Dissipation @ TC = 25℃, PD: 175 W; (6)Storage Temperature Range, Tstg: -65 to +150℃; (7)Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case, RθJC: 1.0 ℃/W.


MRF898 features: (1)Specified 24 Volt, 900 MHz Characteristics: Output Power = 60 Watts; Power Gain = 7.0 dB Min; Efficiency = 60% Min; (2)Double Input/Output Matched for Wideband Performance and Simplified External Matching; (3)Series Equivalent Large–Signal Characterization; (4)Gold Metallized, Emitter Ballasted for Long Life and Resistance to Metal Migration.


MRF898 pin connection